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Levelling up: UK government should stop playing politics with cash and get serious about re-balancing wealth across the UK

2nd February 2022

The need to 'level up' is a consequence of the concentration of wealth in the southern regions of England which distorts the economy across the nations and regions of the UK. Even in the areas where wealth is concentrated, it is so unequally divided that poverty is widespread.

Government inaction on energy bills will cause an increase in deaths in Scotland

3rd February 2022

The STUC says that the failure to take meaningful action to arrest the hike in fuel bills will cause a decline in mental and physical health and ultimately an increase in deaths.

STUC predicts period of strikes and protests as workers and communities take to the street this Saturday

7th February 2022

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) has announced that unions will join a day of UK wide protests on Saturday as wage offers are dwarfed by energy, inflation and tax rises.

Green jobs continue to fall in Scotland: STUC comment

17th February 2022

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) says that today’s figures come as no surprise given the lack of a joined up industrial strategy to create green jobs.