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STUC Women’s Committee slams Scottish Government hypocrisy on child poverty

7th September 2021

Branding the Scottish Government as “hypocritical” for claiming to be committed to eradicating child poverty and choosing not to introduce Universal Free School Meals (UFSM) to all, the STUC Women’s Committee believes that the Scottish Government is contributing to the continued escalation of poverty, food insecurity and hunger experienced by children and families in Scotland.

STUC welcomes parts of Scottish Government Programme for Government, but warns of funding shortage for social care and lack of credibility on public investment

7th September 2021

The STUC welcomed the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government, specifically highlighting the commitments from the First Minister to implement national bargaining in the care sector, additional funding for the health service, gender recognition reform and justice for Scotland’s miners wrongfully arrested in the 1980s.

STUC LGBT+ Committee welcomes Scottish Government plans on Gender Recognition Reform

8th September 2021

The STUC LGBT+ Committee welcomed the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government plan to introduce a Gender Recognition Reform Bill within the next year to improve the lives of trans people.

Conference of trades councils signals growing unrest over local government services, pay and green jobs

10th September 2021

The STUC is predicting growing tensions and an upsurge in activity as local trade unions and community campaigners press national and local government on services, funding and green job creation.

STUC responds to failure of the nationalised Ferguson’s shipyard to secure CMAL ferries contract

14th September 2021

“This another bitter blow and further evidence of the lack of an industrial strategy for Scotland. Lifeline ferries sailing in Scottish waters need to be built in Scotland."

STUC Comment on reports that the Government is considering intervening to bailout gas companies

20th September 2021

End of the Furlough Scheme: STUC warns employers not to bring back furloughed workers on lower pay or fewer working hours

29th September 2021

The STUC has called on employers to end uncertainty for workers. It also warned bosses not to take back furloughed workers on lower pay or fewer working hours. Reducing contractual terms and conditions would be a breach of employment law.

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