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STUC marks 100th year anniversary of the death of Mary McArthur

1st January 2021

Mary McArthur (1880 – 1921) campaigned on behalf of ‘sweated’ workers who were forced to work in poor conditions for little pay. She advocated for a legal minimum wage and helped to organise a number of strikes involving female workers.

STUC strongly welcomes extension of blended learning in schools

4th January 2021

STUC strongly welcomes extension of blended learning in schools and extra lockdown requirements but is disappointed at failure to protect all non-essential workers

Scottish Government announcements risk adding to confusion as it evades making clear workplace health decisions

13th January 2021

STUC General Secretary Roz Foyer has voiced union frustration at the absence of definitive new restrictions to meet the upsurge in infection risk and new virus strain.

STUC - 3 years after the Carillion collapse.

14th January 2021

Scottish unions renew calls for public inquiry into the Carillion scandal despite last ditch Government moves to ban 8 former directors. STUC General Secretary, Roz Foyer, says legal action ‘perilously late for sanctions on the former directors ’ which exposes current system of business regulation as ‘totally unfit for purpose’.

STUC ‘encouraged’ after First Minister talks on pay, jobs, care and safety

18th January 2021

The Scottish Government and the STUC have issued a joint call to the UK Government to rule out the downgrading of employment protections enshrined in the Working Time Directive.

18th January 2021

These are understood to include abandoning the commitment to the EU Working Time Directive which lays down a maximum 48-hour working week and guarantees the statutory right to work breaks.

Budget: Scottish Government has the opportunity to make a real difference for public workers in Scotland

26th January 2021

Ahead of the Scottish Budget later this week, STUC General Secretary Rozanne Foyer has laid down a challenge to the Scottish Government to use its real terms budget increase to meet union pay claims for public service workers.

Scottish Budget misses out tens of thousands of key public workers who deserve a decent pay rise

28th January 2021

STUC comment on the latest budget from the Scottish Parliament.

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