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STUC marks 100th year anniversary of the death of Mary McArthur

1st January 2021

Mary McArthur (1880 – 1921) campaigned on behalf of ‘sweated’ workers who were forced to work in poor conditions for little pay. She advocated for a legal minimum wage and helped to organise a number of strikes involving female workers.

STUC strongly welcomes extension of blended learning in schools

4th January 2021

STUC strongly welcomes extension of blended learning in schools and extra lockdown requirements but is disappointed at failure to protect all non-essential workers

Scottish Government announcements risk adding to confusion as it evades making clear workplace health decisions

13th January 2021

STUC General Secretary Roz Foyer has voiced union frustration at the absence of definitive new restrictions to meet the upsurge in infection risk and new virus strain.

STUC - 3 years after the Carillion collapse.

14th January 2021

Scottish unions renew calls for public inquiry into the Carillion scandal despite last ditch Government moves to ban 8 former directors. STUC General Secretary, Roz Foyer, says legal action ‘perilously late for sanctions on the former directors ’ which exposes current system of business regulation as ‘totally unfit for purpose’.

STUC ‘encouraged’ after First Minister talks on pay, jobs, care and safety

18th January 2021

The Scottish Government and the STUC have issued a joint call to the UK Government to rule out the downgrading of employment protections enshrined in the Working Time Directive.

18th January 2021

These are understood to include abandoning the commitment to the EU Working Time Directive which lays down a maximum 48-hour working week and guarantees the statutory right to work breaks.

Budget: Scottish Government has the opportunity to make a real difference for public workers in Scotland

26th January 2021

Ahead of the Scottish Budget later this week, STUC General Secretary Rozanne Foyer has laid down a challenge to the Scottish Government to use its real terms budget increase to meet union pay claims for public service workers.

Scottish Budget misses out tens of thousands of key public workers who deserve a decent pay rise

28th January 2021

STUC comment on the latest budget from the Scottish Parliament.

Pandemic has hit the lowest paid the hardest

1st February 2021

STUC comment on new TUC statistics

STUC welcomes support for National Care Service

3rd February 2021

STUC welcomes the recommendations from the Independent Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland

BiFab yards purchased from Administration

12th February 2021

STUC welcomes the statement from Interstrata plc that it has purchased BiFab from administration

Call Centre Workers Still Putting Their Lives On The Line

15th February 2021

Covid-19 still presents a major threat to contact centre workers and action needs to be taken to protect them, according to a letter from the STUC to the Scottish Government.

STUC Scottish Budget comment

16th February 2021

Bright spots in Scottish Government Budget announcement clouded by failure to fund local government services. Clear need for more accountability from businesses receiving support.

STUC Comment on the Scottish Parliaments Debte on the Independent Review into Adult Social Care

16th February 2021

STUC comment on Scottish Parliament’s debate into the Independent Review into Adult Social Care

16th February 2021

A National Care Service comparable to the NHS needs to have at its core, dignity, equality and fair pay for its workers.

Landmark Supreme Court Ruling that Uber drivers are ‘workers’ is a win-win for workers and local economies.

19th February 2021

Today the Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that taxi app firm Uber must classify its drivers a workers rather than self-employed. They will be entitled to the minimum wage and holiday pay.

STUC responds to Prime Minister's lockdown announcement

22nd February 2021

Responding to the Prime Minister’s statement in the House of Commons, STUC General Secretary, Roz Foyer said. “The Prime Minister was clearly desperate to announce some good news today. He may have indicated an outline plan for emerging from lockdown but there are many uncertainties along the way"

STUC: Jobless total presents stark warning for Chancellor as UK budget approaches.

23rd February 2021

Record redundancies and large rise in youth unemployment present a major challenge and rise in average earnings is caused by largest proportion of those losing work being low paid.

STUC broadly welcomes cautious approach set out by First Minister in Framework announcement

23rd February 2021

STUC broadly welcomes cautious approach set out by First Minister in Framework announcement and that future decisions will be driven by data not dates. STUC remains concerned about precautions required for safe return of more pupils to schools.

Universal Free School Meals should be extended to all children and young people

1st March 2021

STUC Women’s Committee is calling on the Scottish Government to expand Universal Free School Meals to all children and young people, including those of secondary school and nursery age

STUC Budget Comment

3rd March 2021

Chancellor announces some necessary interim steps but falls well short on job creation and protecting workers and communities into the future

STUC welcomes positive budget intervention from Scottish Greens

8th March 2021

But STUC urges Scottish Government to provide adequate funding to meet sectoral public sector pay negotiations.

STUC reaction to amended Scottish Budget

9th March 2021

We have strongly pressed the Scottish Government to reject the real terms pay cuts approach of the Tories at Westminster and we recognise the different course that the Finance Secretary has taken on Public Sector Pay Policy in Scotland.

STUC on First Minister’s announcement on lifting restrictions on workplaces

16th March 2021

Responding to the First Minister’s announcement on an indicative timeline for lifting restrictions, STUC General Secretary said: “We welcome this cautious approach that is entirely reliant on continuing progress in suppressing the virus. The implications for public health and sustainable economic recovery of moving too fast would be catastrophic.

365 Days of Homeworking

22nd March 2021

Ground-breaking survey of over 3000 workers reveals their experiences of working from home and hopes and fears for the future

STUC welcomes commitment to Scotland’s steel and aluminium plants

24th March 2021

Workers at Liberty plants in Scotland have been buoyed by the progress that has been made since the takeover in 2016, with growing order books, a solid customer base and a skilled workforce.

Make space for worker and community voices in the election campaign says STUC

8th April 2021

If we need a super majority for anything in this next parliament it should be for a radical plan to increase pay, create good jobs and for a Scottish National Care Service.” – Roz Foyer

STUC: Bullying attacks on gas engineers is a major breach of Fair Work principles and the company must face consequences.

14th April 2021

Hundreds of workers at British Gas (which trades at Scottish Gas in Scotland) will today be sacked by the company for refusing to sign ‘fire and rehire’ contracts attacking pay and conditions.

STUC responds to jobs announcement at former Bi-Fab yard in Methil

16th April 2021

290 jobs will be created at Methil following the winning of a contract by Harland and Wolff to build eight jackets for the NNG offshore wind development.


20th April 2021

However bad policy choices would create a quarter of a million fewer. Employment in low carbon economy has actually fallen over past five years.

STUC Congress Day 2: Nicola Sturgeon, Leader of the Scottish National Party, address to Congress

20th April 2021

STUC Congress Day 2: Anas Sarwar, Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, address to Congress

20th April 2021

STUC Congress confirms support for Scottish self-determination but rejects ‘super majority manoeuvring’

21st April 2021

The STUC Congress has voted in support of a motion stating that the Scottish Parliament should have the power to hold a referendum on Scotland’s future and should not require UK Government consent.

STUC estimates cost of youth unemployment at £3 billion as it calls for a green economic stimulus, a shorter working week and progressive taxation to tackle jobs crisis

24th April 2021

Current levels of youth unemployment will cost between £2.4 billion and £3 billion in lost wages for Scotland’s young people, without significant intervention to address Scotland’s youth unemployment crisis.

International Workers Memorial Day 28th April 2021: Fighting for the right to health and safety for all Scottish Workers

27th April 2021

On International Workers’ Memorial Day, the STUC and Scottish Hazards will remind Governments, health and safety enforcement bodies and employers that health and safety is a fundamental right that every worker should be able to enjoy and expect.

STUC election care briefing

4th May 2021

Next Government will face immediate trade union pressure to follow through on urgent reform of residential care.

STUC election comment

10th May 2021

The STUC General Secretary has congratulated the SNP on returning the largest number of MSPs and called for a radical recovery plan to be the urgent priority for the Scottish Parliament.

STUC calls on UK and Scottish Government to condemn Israeli government action in Sheikh Jarrah

10th May 2021

The STUC has called on the UK and Scottish Governments to condemn the action of the Israeli Government in occupied East Jerusalem, including forced relocation through the demolition of Palestinian homes in Sheikh Jarrah to create new settlements.

STUC response to the Queen's Speech

11th May 2021

The STUC has given a welcome to the belated plan to outlaw conversion therapy but blasted the Government’s support for Voter ID. It also said that legally binding environmental targets would only be achievable and fair if accompanied by a step change in Government investment.

STUC on forced evictions in Kenmure Street

13th May 2021

“The scenes unfolding at Kenmure Street are nothing short of disgraceful. The forced eviction and detainment of asylum seekers, on Eid of all days, shows the contempt and cruelty levelled by the UK Government to those seeking asylum."

STUC Supports Palestinian General Strike and Calls on Scottish Government to Support the BDS Movement

18th May 2021

Social Justice and Fairness Commission outlines some key actions that could be taken now to build a People’s Recovery

25th May 2021

We welcome many aspects of this report which highlights how low pay and insecure work is bad for workers and bad for the economy. We support the call for an increase in the Living Wage, an end to Fire and Rehire and a ban on zero hours contracts and unpaid trial shifts.

STUC underwhelmed by Scottish Government plan for recovery

2nd June 2021

The STUC has responded to the Scottish Government’s plan for recovery calling for an new industrial strategy and a plan for jobs requiring much more ambition, more government investment and a greater role for the public sector.

STUC on unemployment figures: Chancellor must act now to extend Furlough scheme

15th June 2021

Commenting on today’s slight rise in unemployment in Scotland and the potential pause in re-opening the economy, the STUC has called for an immediate announcement that the furlough scheme will continue to at least the end of the year for workers in affected industries.

STUC on unemployment figures: Chancellor must act now to extend Furlough scheme

15th June 2021

Commenting on today’s slight rise in unemployment in Scotland and the potential pause in re-opening the economy, the STUC has called for an immediate announcement that the furlough scheme will continue to at least the end of the year for workers in affected industries.

STUC’s Youth Committee hold 81st Youth Conference, call for more support for young carers and end to zero hour contracts

24th June 2021

This Saturday, young workers from across Scotland will meet online at the 81st STUC Youth Conference.

STUC Responds to Scotland’s Move to “Modified” Level 0

13th July 2021

Lack of adequate sick pay puts us all at risk, says STUC

21st July 2021

As the UK Government rejects the chance to raise sick pay levels, the STUC has warned that doing so risks the health of us all at this crucial time.

STUC slams International Trade Secretary comments on free trade and green protectionism

21st July 2021

As International Trade Secretary Liz Truss launches a new trade report in Glasgow, the STUC slams it's claims that the UK should reject 'green protectionism', stating that we need regulation not ideological claims to address climate change.

STUC urges continuing caution amid concerns from workers as FM announces the move ‘beyond level zero’

3rd August 2021

STUC responds to Scotland's move to 'beyond level 0'

New STUC building

30th August 2021

Our new address, as of Monday 30 August 2021, will be: 8 Landressy Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow G40 1BP

STUC Women’s Committee slams Scottish Government hypocrisy on child poverty

7th September 2021

Branding the Scottish Government as “hypocritical” for claiming to be committed to eradicating child poverty and choosing not to introduce Universal Free School Meals (UFSM) to all, the STUC Women’s Committee believes that the Scottish Government is contributing to the continued escalation of poverty, food insecurity and hunger experienced by children and families in Scotland.

STUC welcomes parts of Scottish Government Programme for Government, but warns of funding shortage for social care and lack of credibility on public investment

7th September 2021

The STUC welcomed the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government, specifically highlighting the commitments from the First Minister to implement national bargaining in the care sector, additional funding for the health service, gender recognition reform and justice for Scotland’s miners wrongfully arrested in the 1980s.

STUC LGBT+ Committee welcomes Scottish Government plans on Gender Recognition Reform

8th September 2021

The STUC LGBT+ Committee welcomed the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government plan to introduce a Gender Recognition Reform Bill within the next year to improve the lives of trans people.

Conference of trades councils signals growing unrest over local government services, pay and green jobs

10th September 2021

The STUC is predicting growing tensions and an upsurge in activity as local trade unions and community campaigners press national and local government on services, funding and green job creation.

STUC responds to failure of the nationalised Ferguson’s shipyard to secure CMAL ferries contract

14th September 2021

“This another bitter blow and further evidence of the lack of an industrial strategy for Scotland. Lifeline ferries sailing in Scottish waters need to be built in Scotland."

STUC Comment on reports that the Government is considering intervening to bailout gas companies

20th September 2021

End of the Furlough Scheme: STUC warns employers not to bring back furloughed workers on lower pay or fewer working hours

29th September 2021

The STUC has called on employers to end uncertainty for workers. It also warned bosses not to take back furloughed workers on lower pay or fewer working hours. Reducing contractual terms and conditions would be a breach of employment law.

STUC condemns cuts to Universal Credit

6th October 2021

• 40% of Universal Credit Claims, over two million people, are in work.

STUC critical of award of Scottish National Care Service contract to Price Waterhouse Cooper

7th October 2021

We will vigorously oppose any move towards outsourcing the vital project of creating a National Care Service to companies with a vested interest in privatised provision.

STUC launches campaign to upgrade Scotland’s homes

13th October 2021

Scotland’s trade unions have joined forces with tenants unions, anti-poverty groups, environmentalists and academics to launch a nationwide campaign to upgrade Scotland’s homes.

STUC Joins Glasgow Against Closures March, Saturday 16th of October

15th October 2021

This Saturday the 16th of October, trade unions and campaigners will join hundreds of concerned Glasgow residents in protest against the closure of vital cultural and sport facilities.

STUC 94th Annual Women’s Conference

25th October 2021

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) 94th Annual Women’s’ Conference takes place this week online, where the major issues affecting women workers in the labour market and wider society will be debated by around 160 delegates from unions across Scotland.

STUC: Austerity budget would be a crushing blow for workers and their communities

26th October 2021

Ahead of the Chancellor’s Budget on Wednesday, the STUC has warned against an austerity budget that would be a crushing blow for workers, strangle the recovery and set the worst possible conditions for green growth.

The STUC sharply critical of Scottish Government’s rejection of shopworkers’ call for large shops in Scotland to close on New Year’s Day.

26th October 2021

The Government has based its rejection on economic reasons and the fact that the legislation would not cover all shopworkers despite strong representations and campaigning from trade union USDAW.

STUC Budget response

27th October 2021

Lots of smoke and mirrors but no solutions to the cost-of-living crisis nor the urgent need to tackle climate change

STUC says public transport workers are ‘climate heroes’

28th October 2021

Calls for Scottish Government to change track on transport policy.

New research shows thousands of Scotland’s manufacturing jobs at risk without greater climate ambition.

2nd November 2021

Up to 16,700 direct jobs could be offshored if Scotland falls behind other countries in taking action to reduce emissions from manufacturing and heavy industry.

COP26: Unions warn UK Presidency that neglect of workers will lead to failure

10th November 2021

Trade union delegates at COP26 have today (Wednesday) written an urgent letter to COP26 President Alok Sharma warning him that he is putting progress at risk by neglecting the need for international commitments to a ‘just transition’.

STUC calls for a truly public approach to transport on International Public Transport Day

10th November 2021

Scottish Government must change track on transport policy.

STUC Women’s Committee launches major new survey into views on experiences of sexual harassment at work.

2nd December 2021

As part of 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence and their wider work on tackling GBV and Sexual Harassment at Work, STUC Women’s Committee have today launched a survey to gather women in Scotland’s views on their experiences of Sexual Harassment at Work.

STUC statement on Chile elections

6th December 2021

The STUC and our affiliates trade unions movement have long supported the struggle for democracy and human rights in Chile, whether through the the workers at Rolls Royce in 1974 who refused to work on Air Force parts for the Pinochet regime or through welcoming political prisoners who arrived during the dictatorship.

Scottish workers bitterly disappointed by pay deal as STUC insists ‘budget will result in robbing Peter to pay Paul’

9th December 2021

The STUC acknowledged the increase in public sector pay floor to £10.50 and insisted that pay rises must be fully funded by Scottish Government to avoid cash strapped councils having to make other cuts to pay the increased rate.

STUC responds to First Minister’s Announcement on home working following Omicron spike

10th December 2021

STUC calls on the Scottish Government to lift the burden of Omicron safety from workers’ shoulders. Employers must take immediate responsibility and the Scottish Government should legislate imminently if they won’t. UK government must reinstate furlough now.