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STUC BLOG: The Carillion Carrion - the Decaying Model of Public-Financed Procurement

18th January 2018

The news that multinational construction and facilities management company, Carillion, has gone into liquidation, has left thousands of workers not knowing if their wages, pensions or jobs are secure.

STUC Briefing: Workers' Definition & Rights Bill

19th January 2018

Read our briefing on how the Better than Zero campaign inspired the Bill, what it means for workers, and why its principles are vital for providing workers with the security and rights for the modern economy.

Firefighter Blog

31st January 2018

The employers are proposing huge changes to the role of a Firefighter, which could have significant implications including safety, not to mention other emergency services which we reply upon. Over the past few weeks, the STUC has been speaking to firefighters about these proposed changes and what it means to the people who actually deliver the services rather than those who strategize from above.

STUC launches ground-breaking report on impact of Menopause in the Workplace

7th February 2018

Over 3,500 women responded to the STUC Women’s Committee survey, with over half of participants currently going through the menopause. The survey was launched at their conference in Glenrothes in October 2017.

STUC will campaign for ‘one worker’ status as government continues to deny employment rights

7th February 2018

STUC on the Taylor Report and other current Employment Reviews.


21st February 2018

STUC commenting on latest employment statistics bulletin

Scottish Union Learning Annual Conference 2018: Developing an Inclusive Workforce: Learner of the Year

25th February 2018

Isabella Sutherland, a member of Unite the Union who works in Aberdeen as a Heli-pad administrator for Aramark in the offshore catering sector, will receive the 8th Annual Learner of the Year Award from the STUC at the 11th Annual Scottish Union Learning Conference in Clydebank, Glasgow on Tuesday, 13 November 2018. The Award will be presented by Ivan McKee MSP, Minister for Trade Investment and Innovation.

STUC on Spring Statement

13th March 2018

The Chancellor must stop congratulating himself and instead focus on delivering the investment that our economy so desperately needs.

STUC on Business Pledge Review & TUFWMF

22nd March 2018

STUC welcomes review of Business Pledge and further funding for the Trade Union Fair Work Modernisation Fund.

Likelihood of widespread industrial action increasing as trade unions focus on next Westminster and Scottish Budgets

16th April 2018

As unions gather in Aviemore for the 121st Scottish Trades Unions Congress, the prospect of increased industrial action over the coming year will be a central focus of debates.

Trade unions say adjustment to new technologies ‘will not be automatic’ and call for more workplace control of automation

16th April 2018

Trade unions have welcomed a new report by the Scottish Government and the Scottish Trades Union Congress that acknowledges more must be done to address the causes and consequences of automation.

President's Address to 2018 STUC Annual Congress

16th April 2018

Satnam Ner, Prospect, is the President of the STUC. Read his official address in full.

STUC welcomes Nicola Sturgeon condemnation of Syria airstrikes

16th April 2018

In her address to STUC Congress, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon condemned this weekend’s ‘counterproductive military action’ as being ‘unlikely to take Syria a single step forward to peace and security’. Sturgeon warned that this is the latest act in a ‘power play’ that previously led to war in Iraq, and can ‘never, ever be allowed again’.

STUC urges UK Government to reach agreement with Scottish Government on Brexit

24th May 2018

Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary, has written to the Prime Minister to warn that restricting the Scottish Parliament’s powers for seven years post Brexit is inconsistent with the will of the Scottish people and the devolution settlement.

STUC on Growth Commission Report

25th May 2018

The approach of the Commission seems primarily to recommend further strategies without many tangible actions. There is a welcome recognition of the need for government, businesses, trade unions and civic society to work together in order to achieve inclusive growth. However, this stands in stark contrast to the lack of trade union and civic society engagement with the growth commission itself in the preparation of this report.

EU Withdrawal Bill

12th June 2018

Grahame Smith comments ahead of debate on amendments to EU Withdrawal Bill

ONS Figures show meagre increases in wages, and no cause for celebration

15th June 2018

Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary, on today's ONS report.

STUC warns of alarming increase in unemployment figures

17th July 2018

Grahame Smith comments on labour market statistics

STUC Responds to Scottish Labour Climate Change Policy

13th August 2018

STUC welcomes Scottish Labour’s commitment to put a Just Transition at the heart of their plans to tackle climate change.

Labour market statistics show stagnant wage growth

14th August 2018

Grahame Smith, General Secretary of the STUC, comments on today’s labour market statistics.


30th August 2018

In a historic move, CBI Scotland and the STUC have joined forces to issue a joint letter to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon outlining the importance of upskilling and retraining to the future success of the Scottish economy.

STUC on Labour Market Statistics

11th September 2018

Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary, on today's labour market statistics


13th September 2018

A coalition of trade unions and environmental organisations has responded to the Scottish Government’s announcement of Jim Skea as Chair of the Scottish Government’s Just Transition Commission.

STUC welcomes the focus on business support and skills in the Programme for Government

5th October 2018

Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary, on the Programme for Government

22nd STUC Black Workers Conference

5th October 2018

The 22nd annual STUC Black Workers Conference takes place this weekend in Clydebank.

STUC responds to Fair Work First Announcement

9th October 2018

Grahame Smith on Fair Work First, announced at SNP Conference 2018.

Anti-Slavery Day: STUC highlights role of trade unions in tackling slavery and human trafficking in Scotland

18th October 2018

Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary, comments on the release of anti-slavery and trafficking guidance for business in Scotland.

STUC on UK Budget

29th October 2018

The Chancellor’s budget dramatically failed to deliver for the people of Britain.

STUC on Michelin, Dundee

6th November 2018

Grahame Smith comments on the announcement of Michelin's intention to close plant in Dundee

11th Scottish Union Learning Annual Conference 2018: Developing an Inclusive Workforce

13th November 2018

The development of an Inclusive Workforce in Scotland will be the main issue for discussion at the 11th Scottish Union Learning Conference to be held in Glasgow today. Delegates from unions across Scotland will attend this event to contribute to this debate, and further develop their knowledge and skills in delivering learning opportunities in the workplace.

STUC on latest ONS report

13th November 2018

Grahame Smith responds to the latest ONS labour market reports.

STUC on latest ONS report

13th November 2018

Grahame Smith responds to the latest ONS labour market reports.