STUC on Scottish unemployment figures

May 16th 2012

STUC on Scottish unemployment figures

May 16th 2012

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Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary Grahame Smith said:

“Today’s statistics show a rise in the number of people unemployed in Scotland of 2000 since last month and of 13,000 since this time last year. In this context, the Secretary of State for Scotland’s welcome of a ‘further fall in Scottish unemployment’ is misleading in the extreme.

“Across the United Kingdom we are continuing to see falling levels of full-time employment with part-time employment increasing at a time when so many need full-time work. Of the twenty areas in Britain with the worst vacancy to claimant ratio, Scotland has six.

“The lack of any good news on women’s unemployment underlines the importance of taking action in Scotland to address the highly worrying increase since last year.

“The truth is that in a period in which the Coalition predicted that the economy would improve, we have falling growth and rising levels of unemployment.

“Europe is beginning to wake-up to the havoc which can be caused by austerity economics. It’s time that the Coalition did the same.”



UK Claimant to vacancy ratios attached


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