STUC Congress hears call for 50/ 50 representation for women

April 23rd 2012

STUC Congress hears call for 50/ 50 representation for women

April 23rd 2012

Speaking at STUC Congress in Inverness this afternoon, Margaret Boyd, Chair of the STUC Women’s Committee, challenges the main political parties to change their ways.

In response to the Edinburgh University findings published last week, Margaret will say

“Of all candidates from all the parties standing in the elections in May, just over 23% are female. Less than a quarter – that’s shocking. In 1999 we were proud to see so many women elected to the Scottish Parliament, changing the face of elected politics in Scotland. We know that the trade union movement, led by the STUC, and the STUC’s Women’s Committee, played a huge part in making that happen.

“The 50/50 campaign shaped that new parliament and made it more representative, we were very proud of the trade union women who led that campaign.

“Every part of Scotland’s communities and workplaces should have voices in all our parliaments and local authorities. Obviously we cannot leave this to the political parties alone. We can see that today. So the Women’s Committee will be relaunching the 50/50 Campaign, bringing the university research, political parties, and women’s groups together – all those who want to speak up – after the local government elections.

“In 2011, for the first time in its history, the STUC Congress elected a General Council with a majority of women members.

“Don’t tell us that there are no women with experience, no women who are prepared to speak up for their colleagues, families, and communities.

“We know there are plenty”


Notes to Editors

  1. More of the Same? Women and the Scottish Local Government Elections 2012 Dr Meryl Kenny (UNSW0 and Dr Fiona Mackay (Edinburgh University)

  2. Margaret Boyd’s speech to Congress can be found at

  3. Margaret Boyd is a member of the GMB, having previously worked for McVities for 40 years. In that time, she was a training instructor and Convenor for 4 years, being only the second woman in 70 years in the industry to be elected Convenor.

  4. For more information contact Ann Henderson, Assistant Secretary, STUC 07875 208167

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