MSPs to hear from women in the workplace

February 20th 2012

MSPs to hear from women in the workplace

February 20th 2012

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With rising unemployment and cuts in public spending, women in Scotland are losing jobs or facing big changes in working hours, and conditions. Changes in the tax credit and benefit system at Westminster are also reducing household income in Scotland. It is timely that the Scottish Parliament Equal Opportunities Committee is holding a roundtable session on Tuesday 21st February on ‘Women and Work’ with members of the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) Women’s Committee and other organizations working with women in Scotland.

Ann Henderson STUC Assistant Secretary said

‘Improving women’s place in the labour market should be of concern to us all. Skills are being wasted, public services reduced, and young women face a future of uncertainty. Families across Scotland depend on the wages women earn. One of the best ways to tackle child poverty in Scotland is to ensure that parents are in work, earning a decent wage. A new approach to the provision of universal childcare in Scotland would be an investment with significant returns. We welcome the chance to discuss many of these issues with the MSPs on the Scottish Parliament Equal Opportunities Committee’


Notes to Editors

  1. Trade Union Week in the Scottish Parliament – the STUC and its affiliated unions is meeting with MSPs through a range of different events during the coming week . For more information, the programme can be viewed at

  2. The Scottish Parliament Equal Opportunities Committee meeting is on Tuesday 21st February. The Committee will meet at 2.00 pm in Committee Room 4

Women and work: The Committee will take evidence, in a round-table discussion from—

Ann Henderson, Assistant Secretary, STUC;

Margaret Boyd, GMB and Chair, STUC Women’s Committee;

Pauline Rourke, Communication Workers Union representative, and Elaine Dougall, Regional Equalities Officer, Unite, STUC Women’s Committee;

Kirsty Connell, Vice-Chair, STUC Youth Committee;

Barbra Farmer, Chair, STUC Disabled Workers Committee;

Anne-Marie Mackin, Freelance Trainer and Assessor, Play First (Scotland) Ltd;

Emma Ritch, Project Manager, Close the Gap;

Linda Somerville, Director, Scottish Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology

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