Special Delivery: STUC Award for CWU Learning Reps at Glasgow Royal Mail

April 19th 2011

Special Delivery: STUC Award for CWU Learning Reps at Glasgow Royal Mail

April 19th 2011

CWU Learning Reps, Recipients of the STUC Helen Dowie Award for Lifelong Learning

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) has announced that the recipients of this year’s STUC Helen Dowie Award for Lifelong Learning are the Communication Workers’ Union Learning Reps at Glasgow Royal Mail Centre in Springburn.

Sponsored by the Scottish Qualifications Authority, the award will be presented today (10.20 hrs on Wednesday, 20 April, Ayr Racecourse) by Anne Douglas, Chair of the Scottish Union Learning Board.

The recipients are: Brian Regan, Stuart Armstrong, William Ferry, Derek Frizzle, David Hainey, Ian Johnstone and Andy Ross.

There are hundreds of workers on three shifts at the Royal Mail Centre, and shift patterns can often cause problems for the provision of learning opportunities to workers. However, these ULRs support learning within the workplace at all hours of the day.

The ULRs have conducted learning surveys for more than 600 members of staff. They have secured funding for almost 400 places on accredited learning courses on a range of topics, including Modern Languages and IT skills. To help prepare their colleagues for the mounting pressures of the current economy, the ULRs arranged courses on money matters. They also arranged everyday skills courses on creative writing and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).

The STUC established the Helen Dowie Award for Lifelong Learning in 2006 to recognise the outstanding efforts put forward by Union Learning Reps in workplaces throughout Scotland.

Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary, said,

“This award recognises the pivotal role trade union activists have in leading workplace learning.

The CWU Learning Reps are making a remarkable difference to the lives of their colleagues. In providing union-led learning support in the workplace, these ULRs have displayed innovation, determination and a real commitment to their fellow workers.”

Andy Kerr, CWU Deputy General Secretary (Telecoms), said,

“The CWU is delighted that the tremendous work carried out by the ULRs at the Glasgow Mail Centre has been recognised by the STUC. We believe that continued support of the Scottish Government is essential to enable trade unions to deliver new skills to workers in Scotland.”

Ian McKay, Royal Mail Group Director of Scottish Affairs, said,

“Royal Mail congratulates our colleagues for their success in the STUC Union Rep Awards. Royal Mail supports our people in developing their skills and attainments and applauds the work of the STUC, Scottish Union Learning, the CWU and other affiliates, in encouraging trade union members to work with employers to achieve these key training goals.”


Photo Opportunity

The award will be presented at the STUC Annual Congress in Ayr Racecourse on Wednesday, 20th April at 10:20 am. The recipients will be available for comment. Photos can be also be requested by contacting Jennifer Payne on 07702 836 478.

For further information please contact:

Jennifer Payne, Marketing Officer Scottish Union Learning Tel: 0141 337 8130 Mob: 0141 337 8100 Email: jpayne@stuc.org.uk

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