STUC on Coalition’s ‘sweeping reform’ of ‘red tape’ initiative

March 18th 2011

STUC on Coalition’s ‘sweeping reform’ of ‘red tape’ initiative

March 18th 2011

Vince Cable

Commenting on Vince Cable’s plans to ‘reform’ the regulatory environment for Business, Stephen Boyd, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) Assistant Secretary said:

“Vince Cable’s announcement on ’red-tape’ marks something of a nadir in bad government.

“It is reasonable to expect Government to develop policy on the basis of the available evidence. What does the evidence tell us? That the UK currently has second least regulated product market in the developed world and the third least regulated labour market. It is no accident that the two least regulated product markets – the UK and US – were at the epicentre of the banking crisis.

“In the context of high and rising unemployment and GDP growth some 10% below the pre-recession trend, it is simply absurd to argue that measures such as preventing parents requesting flexible working represent a ‘barrier to growth’. The nightclub bouncer approach to regulation – ‘one-in, one-out’ – is undoubtedly the silliest measure introduced by a Business Secretary in living memory.

“There is a good reason for a regulation or there isn’t; forcing the repeal of old regulation when implementing a new one makes no sense whatsoever. Measures such as these will also tie up a considerable amount of rapidly diminishing civil service resources.

“The Coalition’s ‘enemies of enterprise’ approach to economic development will not boost jobs and growth but it will leave the economy less equal and fair, less stable and more prone to systemic crisis”.



Vince Cable’s announcement is available on the BIS website

The STUC’s 2011 Budget Submission contains referenced evidence on the regulatory ‘burden’ facing companies in the UK

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