Call Centre Workers Still Putting Their Lives On The Line

February 15th 2021

Call Centre Workers Still Putting Their Lives On The Line

February 15th 2021

Covid-19 still a major threat to call centre workers’ health

Workers call for more action to protect staff

Covid-19 still presents a major threat to contact centre workers and action needs to be taken to protect them, according to a letter from the STUC to the Scottish Government. The letter is a response to the work of the Scottish Government’s Working Group for Contact Centres and urges them to audit Scottish call centres and ensure employers are following guidelines and revising risk assessments.

The letter comes after new variants of the disease have been confirmed and a major outbreak in DVLA Swansea confirms the danger presented in large workplaces. The letter argues that the conditions in sealed buildings with mechanical heating and ventilation systems magnify the problem.

The letter has the backing of Call Centre Collective- a trade union-backed grassroots organisation formed in response to the pandemic- who have organised a petition in support.

Craig Anderson from Call Centre Collective said, “The Scottish Government needs to listen and take active steps to protect workers. We know there are some employers cutting corners and taking unnecessary risks with the safety of their staff. It would be unforgivable, after seeing what happened in Swansea, if no lessons are learned from it.”

He added, “We urge anyone who with an interest in protecting workers to sign our petition supporting the STUC’s letter and keep up the pressure.”

Roz Foyer, STUC General Secretary, added, “Throughout this pandemic one of the largest sources of complaints to unions and MSPs has been from call centre workers. The new evidence on transmission and the risks inherent with new variants makes it absolutely essential that we see action now.”


Notes to editors:

• Craig Anderson is available for interview by contacting or 07701 397340.

• Further comment from the STUC at 07891 026870

• A link to the STUC’s letter can be found at: Callcentresletter.pdf (

• Petition link:

• Supported by the STUC and trade unions, Call Centre Collective is a network of workers employed in call centres in Scotland who are interested in working together to achieve lasting change in our workplaces.