STUC welcomes Nicola Sturgeon condemnation of Syria airstrikes

April 16th 2018

STUC welcomes Nicola Sturgeon condemnation of Syria airstrikes

April 16th 2018

In her address to STUC Congress, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon condemned this weekend’s ‘counterproductive military action’ as being ‘unlikely to take Syria a single step forward to peace and security’. Sturgeon warned that this is the latest act in a ‘power play’ that previously led to war in Iraq, and can ‘never, ever be allowed again’.

Sturgeon was met with applause as she said:

‘The Scottish Government and the Scottish Trades Union Congress will be united in that long term strategy to bring peace and security to the people of Syria.’

Earlier, the STUC General Council, the executive body of STUC Congress, released an emergency statement deploring the violence in Syria and calling on the UK Government to prioritise diplomacy and recognise the ‘real and tangible danger’ of airstrikes escalating the conflict.

It calls for a full parliamentary debate and a vote on any further action, echoing the First Minister’s insistence that

UK foreign policy must not be determined by the whim of the American President.

For more information please contact Dave Moxham, STUC Deputy General Secretary on 07891026870.

Notes to editors:
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