STUC publishes Smith Commission proposals

October 31st 2014

STUC publishes Smith Commission proposals

October 31st 2014

Dave Moxham, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) Deputy General Secretary said: “Our submission to the Smith Commission challenges all sides to make compromises and put aside any thoughts of political advantage.

“The referendum proved that many of those on both sides of the debate had an appetite for a fairer a society and an economy which empowers communities and working people.

“We make substantial proposals which go beyond what is currently offered by the three pro-devolution parties, on fiscal powers, employment law, equalities and welfare. However we also hope that the other parties in the talks will recognise that there are real risks associated with full fiscal autonomy and that they should be driving a hard bargain for a guaranteed block grant to buttress major new tax powers including all income tax powers.

“On employment law, minimum wages and equality legislation our position is straight forward. It is now time for Scotland to enjoy the same devolved powers as Northern Ireland to enable distinct and progressive action to tackle the gender pay gap, low pay and scandals such as zero hours contracts. Full devolution of equality legislation would enable the Scottish Parliament to legislate for equal gender representation in Parliament, local government and on company boards.

“Our new vision for welfare powers would see the basic security and pensions system remain reserved, but see a whole number of new powers in Scotland including the freedom for the Scottish Government to provide additional protections for those in need.

“Other proposals include a presumption in favour of distinct Scottish policy on migration and the right for asylum seekers to work whilst in Scotland.”


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The STUC Submission to the Smith Commission

Appendix A the fiscal devolution proposal figures

Appendix B Workplace protection proposals

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