STUC on Independence Referendum Result

September 19th 2014

STUC on Independence Referendum Result

September 19th 2014

Commenting on the Independence Referendum Result, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary Grahame Smith said:

“The Referendum was a triumph for democracy. The phenomenal turnout came on the back of months of discussion and debate in workplaces, in communities and within families. More trade unionists and their families registered and turned out to vote than ever before

“There was a thirst for information and engagement the like of which I have not previously witness and I am immensely proud of the role the STUC played through our ‘A Just Scotland’ initiative in responding to that demand.

“It is clear to me that many of those voting, some for the first time, and on both sides, voted for the constitutional settlement they felt would create a fairer and more just Scotland. Our politicians must pay heed.

“They must also pay heed to the clear demand for significant new powers for the Scottish Parliament and for more direct engagement with people and communities over the decisions which affect their lives.

“It is essential that the forthcoming discussions on further powers deliver a substantial and meaningful package are not left to the politicians alone. The voice of civil society, so important in the creation of the Scottish Parliament, must be heard. The STUC and others must be at the table.

“This referendum was about powers but it was also about purpose. On the 18 of October the STUC invites all of those who want a fairer Scotland and a Scottish Parliament with the power to deliver it to join us in marching to a rally in George Square in Glasgow.

“The Referendum has ignited a civic movement for real change. We must be hold to our politicians to the pledges they made. On 18 October we can tell them loud and clear – it’s time for a Just Scotland.”


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