3rd Annual STUC LGBT Conference calls for solidarity with LGBT people facing persecution throughout the Commonwealth

May 16th 2014

3rd Annual STUC LGBT Conference calls for solidarity with LGBT people facing persecution throughout the Commonwealth

May 16th 2014

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) trade union members from all over Scotland will gather in Stirling this weekend (Stirling Highland Hotel, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th May) to debate a wide range of issues affecting LGBT people in the workplace and in Scottish Society.

Speaking ahead of the 3rd Annual Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) LGBT workers’ conference, Craig Cameron, Chair of the STUC LGBT Committee said:

“A key area of concern for delegates this year is the treatment of LGBT people across the Commonwealth. With athletes and their friends and families arriving in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games this summer, it is difficult to forget the truly terrible circumstances that people are forced to live under in different parts of the world.

“Uganda, for example, has recently introduced an Anti-Homosexuality Bill with life imprisonment threatened for both homosexuality and a loosely defined ‘promotion of homosexuality.’ Attacks against LGBT people, and those perceived to be LGBT are now on the increase with newspapers identifying, by name and by photo, lists of LGBT people and Human Rights Campaigners calling on them to be hanged.

“One such list, led to a teacher and founding member of Sexual Minorities Uganda, David Kato, losing his life in 2011 by being brutally beaten with a hammer.

“These sorts of incidents are simply unacceptable and serve as a reminder to us, that while progress on LGBT equality may be progressing here in Scotland, internationally there is still much work to be done.

“The STUC therefore plans to fly the rainbow flag on its building for the duration of the Commonwealth games, as a mark of solidarity for LGBT people across the Commonwealth and as a visible reminder of the oppression that many people still face by simply being themselves. The STUC will also encourage other unions and sympathetic organisations to do the same on their buildings across Glasgow and throughout Scotland.”

“During the Conference delegates will also be encouraged to tweet photos of themselves with the hash tag ‘bring back our girls’ in solidarity to the 200 kidnapped girls in Nigeria.

“Education is a fundamental Human Right and should not be limited by gender or sexual orientation. Discrimination against anyone anywhere is unacceptable and we hope that this message comes across loud and clear from this year’s conference.”


For further information contact Dave Moxham 0141 337 8100 dmoxham@stuc.org.uk


The programme for the 3rd Annual LGBT Workers’ Conference can be downloaded here.