STUC offers unequivocal support for Scottish Parliament Living Wage motion

April 23rd 2014

STUC offers unequivocal support for Scottish Parliament Living Wage motion

April 23rd 2014

Speaking ahead of today’s Scottish Labour Business debate in the Scottish Parliament, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary Grahame Smith said:

“The STUC fully supports James Kelly’s motion which again makes clear that the Scottish Government has a golden opportunity to deliver fairness and equality through the Procurement Reform Bill but that it is currently failing to do so.

“Thousands of care workers, cleaners and catering staff, the majority of whom are women, continue to suffer simply because they are working on public sector contracts rather than being directly employed by councils, the NHS or Central Government. This is a situation which cannot be tolerated.

“Whilst Boris Johnson and the Greater London Authority continue to make strides in the promotion of the Living Wage through procurement contracts, the Scottish Government insists on meek reliance on a single tendentious piece of advice from the European Commission.

“STUC and our campaigning partners continue to believe that delivering the Living Wage through performance clauses in public contracts is entirely possible and we are deeply disappointed that the Scottish Government has not given further consideration to this possibility.

“We will continue to campaign during Stage 3 of the Bill to convince the Government and MSPs to support James Kelly’s amendment.”


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  1. *S4M-09740 James Kelly: Living Wage—That the Parliament acknowledges the support for the living wage from across the political spectrum, civic Scotland and the business community; notes that over 400,000 people in Scotland are working for less than the living wage and that nearly two thirds of these are women; further notes that payment of the living wage would boost the earnings of a full-time minimum wage worker by over £2,600 a year; understands that Scotland’s public sector spends approximately £10 billion on procurement; believes that this spending power could and should be used to build a moral economy, and therefore calls for the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Bill to be amended to extend the payment of the living wage to public contracts.

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