Everyday Skills are the Way Forward for Trade Unions

February 26th 2014

Everyday Skills are the Way Forward for Trade Unions

February 26th 2014

It is estimated that over one million adults in Scotland lack basic digital skills, despite various initiatives to stimulate digital participation and develop digital skills. Additionally, official statistics in the United Kingdom show that 10% of the population have dyslexia.

Trade Unions, and in particular Union Learning Reps, are uniquely placed to tackle these issues in the workplace, and are able to provide on-site support to workplace learners.

Scottish trade unions will gather in Glasgow on Thursday (27 February) to explore these Everyday Skills issues. Delegates from various unions and workplaces across Scotland will look at the theme, “Everyday Skills: The Way Forward” at the 6th Annual Scottish Union Learning Everyday Skills Event. The Event will highlight some of the achievements by trade unions, through the launch of an Everyday Skills Learner Case Studies publication.

The Event will also explore how unions can help workers build on their existing Everyday Skills, and learn new skills. There will be opportunities for Learning Reps to find out more about Everyday Skills such as understanding pensions, digital skills and supporting workers with dyslexia.

Sylvia O’Grady, Lifelong Learning Manager for Scottish Union Learning, said:

“Scottish Union Learning works with trade unions to raise awareness of Everyday Skills, and to improve Everyday Skills among their members.

“There are various reasons why people want to improve their Everyday Skills. Some workers may have left school with a range of skills and qualifications but have not used them since, and their skills have, therefore, become 'rusty'. Others may have left school without obtaining qualifications, due to a variety of reasons, including health problems, or unidentified dyslexia. There are also those who don’t use computers at work, or at home, who face becoming excluded in the new ‘digital world’.

“Today’s Everyday Skills Event will demonstrate the valuable and often life-changing work that trade unions and in particular, Union Learning Reps, do to support workers.”


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