Fair Work and the Corona Virus

Putting Fair Work at the heart of the response to the corona virus

Our primary role during the corona virus outbreak is to

  • work with government to ensure that the priority is protecting public health

  • support workers to ensure they are not exposed to unecessary risk

  • improve the pay of key workers and ensure that the pay of all workers is protected whether they are currently working or not.

The best way to protect yourself is to join a union. Do it today.

If you are union member you will be able to access advice, support and work together to ensure that employers to the right thing. The advice your union can give will be taiored to the work you do. Links to all union websites are here

If you aren't in a union but want to get together with your colleagues to deal with a problem at work, email info@stuc.org.uk. We can help.

For advice on how to ensure your health and safety at work, or if asked to return to work, go to our new website at www.workerssafetyscotland.org/

If your workplace does not recognise as union, email us at safety@stuc.org.uk to request support from a visiting union health and safety rep

Our Better than Zero campaign supports workers from precarious workplaces to take the first steps to organise together to tackle issues.

Better than Zero advice on workplace organising for non-unionised workers

STUC Advice

Read the advice we have produced on:

Useful links

ACAS provides advice for employees on your rights and for employers on their duties

Staying at home and social distancing

Vulnerable people and those at high risk

Self-isolation and sick pay

Furlough and if a workplace has to close

Using holiday

If an employee needs time off work to look after someone

If someone has coronavirus symptoms at work

Health and Safety

HSE Advice: What should your employer be doing to guarantee your health and safety?

HSE Advice: Your employers obligations on social distancing

HSE Advice: What should your employer be doing to protect you if you work at home?

Latest Advice from Health Protection Scotland

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