Women and work

The Women and Work Partnership Project was set up as an established collaboration between the Scottish Government and STUC in order to better understand the work-related problems and barriers to fair and equal employment for women in Scotland.

The main objectives of the Women and Work Partnership Project ware identified as:

  1. Understand the female labour market in Scotland taking into consideration disaggregated data which could better inform the work and employment policies in Scotland.

  2. Identify specific issues affecting women in their current roles/workplace and arrangements/structures forcing women to exclude themselves from employment (gender inequalities in women’s across their career spans).

  3. Identify examples of and recognise progressive organisational practises set out to change the status quo by adopting equality audits and other women-centred initiatives.

  4. Identify what specifically trade union movement do to address perceived gender inequalities in its own structure, procedures and processes.

Women and Work Partnership Project Final Report

Women in the Trade Union Movement in Scotland

Women in Education

Women in the Finance Sector

Women in Music & Performing Arts