Our Turn

a Safe Passage campaign in Scotland for child refugees

Our Turn, a Safe Passage to Scotland campaign is an opportunity to make governments and local authorities face up to the reality of this issue and show their support. The STUC is happy to support such a worthy initiative to bring unaccompanied child refugees to safety. The STUC has always worked with other campaigns to fight for refugee and migrants’ rights, and we would encourage local authorities to engage positively and compassionately with this campaign. Lord Alf Dubs said,

“80 years ago, I was one of nearly 10,000 children who were rescued from Nazi-occupied Europe by the Kindertransport. Many of children who arrived on the Kindertransport were given new homes in Scotland, some of the many thousands of refugees who have been welcomed by the Scottish people over the years. “Today, communities in Scotland continue to show their solidarity with refugees but unless the UK government makes a new commitment to give children safe passage, there may soon be no route to safety here. That’s why the Our Turn campaign is asking the government to honour the legacy of the Kindertransport by making a new commitment to welcome 10,000 children over 10 years. “The Scottish launch of the Our Turn campaign, and the support of the STUC, sends a clear signal to Westminster – people in Scotland will not turn their back on child refugees. Today, there are thousands of children living in camps, shelters and even on the streets in Europe. Thousands more are surviving in conflict zones. The UK can and must do more to help, and I am delighted to see Scotland playing a prominent role in efforts to being refugee children to safety.”

Eleanor Harrison, interim CEO at Safe Passage said,

"We are delighted that the STUC are supporting the Our Turn campaign, calling for the UK government to welcome 10,000 child refugees over the next 10 years. The STUC has consistently demonstrated its solidarity with refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland, and this campaign launch marks the beginning of a new wave of support. “Current routes to sanctuary in the UK for child refugees are soon going to close, unless we convince the government to make a new commitment. The STUC Our Turn campaign will send a signal to government that it can’t ignore: the people of Scotland are standing up for vulnerable refugee children and are ready to give them a safe home and a chance to rebuild their childhoods.”