Cost of Living Crisis Protest

Picture of newspaper with headlines outlining the cost of energy and inflation increases

Cost of Living Crisis Protest

1pm on Saturday, 12 February at George Square in Glasgow

Mass demonstrations have been called by the Scottish People’s Assembly at locations across the U.K to show unified protest at rising costs and inflation. Inflation is set to increase over 7%, energy bills are to rise by 58%, benefits have been cut and National Insurance is set to increase by 1.25% in April.

STUC General Secretary Roz Foyer said: "While the Prime Minister's party hangover continues, the Chancellor is picking our pockets in plain sight. His proposed action on energy is beyond woeful and his proposals to fund care from the pockets of low paid workers is a disgrace. Meanwhile he is starving the public sector of funds and has cut benefits.

This Saturday marks the start of a united approach by workers and communities who have been ravaged by the health and economic effects of COVID. We are building an alliance that the politicians will be unable to ignore to demand that the bosses pay their share.”

We hope that trade unionists across Scotland will join many others from across our communities in the call for urgent government action on energy prices, wages, Universal Credit and unfair rises in National Insurance.

Come along to the protest on Saturday and bring your placards, flags and banners. See you there!

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