Trade Union Bloc on the Glasgow March 6th November

Image of march and rally leaflet

The trade union and workers bloc of the march will be headed by an STUC banner: Climate:Jobs:Justice.

Unions are encouraged to carry their banners and to highlight their own campaigns as part of the bloc and/or to make use of STUC placards that will be distributed on the day.

Assemble Kelvingrove Park: 11.30 pm March off: 12.45 pm Rally at Glasgow Green: 3 - 4 pm

Assembly point

The trade union and workers bloc of the March will assemble in Kelvingrove park in the area indicated on the map between the skateboard park and the fountain.

Map of Kelvingrove Park circling muster point near the fountain

The March

The March will proceed in blocs with the trade union bloc headed by any workers currently taking industrial action. The march will end with a rally at Glasgow Green. The route map is below.

March route

March Stewards

Each marching bloc will have 1 designated lead steward, who has direct communication to the head stewards as well as the other lead stewards.

All marching blocs will keep at least 5 meters distance from each other, to facilitate march flow and social distancing.

We are asking all affiliated unions attending the march to provide at least one steward for every 20 people attending.

Stewards vests will be available on the day and all stewards will be asked to attend a pre-march meeting on site at 10am.

Some stewards may be asked to support the general march as well as their own section.

Please send you stewards names and contact details to

Covid related health and safety

Although this is an outside event please note that the STUC advises a precautionary approach over and above Scottish Government advice following advice

  • If you meet any of the NHS Scotland criterion for self-isolation please do not travel to this event. Additionally, if you have any reason to suspect you have the virus or have been in recent contact with someone who has contracted covid please do not attend.

  • The best way to ensure the safety of others is to take a lateral flow test in the 24 hours preceding the event.

  • We strongly advise the use of face during the march and rally

  • If you are at the front or back of the trade union bloc, please adhere to the 5 metre gaps between blocs

  • Please ensure that all relevant safety measures are complied with if organsing travel to the march