Organising for a Fair Hospitality City

9:30am-5:00pm 9th November 2021

Hospitality workers from across the World discuss how we drive-up conditions across the lowest paid and most precarious sector.


Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel

Beardmore Street Glasgow G81 4SA

About this event

An organising conference which will bring together hospitality workers from across the World to talk about how we link together the fight for climate justice and workers rights in the sector which has the lowest pay and most insecure conditions in the UK.

With workshops on organising around Fair Tips, Global Hotel Chains and the Green New Deal, this conference will showcase and develop the campaigns and organising tactics which have won big and brought thousands of new workers into unions.

The ultimate aim of the conference will be to organise an international campaign for Fair Hospitality around the World, starting with Glasgow as the COP26 host city.

What this means in practice:

A real living wage - regardless of age

Guaranteed hours

Anti-sexual harassment policy

100% tips - fairly distributed

Paid transport home after last bus/train

Consultation on rota changes

Paid rest breaks

Paid trial shifts

A safe workplace - commitment on enhanced health and safety

Trade union access and recognition

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