Peace and Justice Project: Towards Net Zero

8:00pm-9:30pm 10th November 2021

Towards Net Zero

Webster’s, Glasgow

Tickets £15

How do we respond to the climate crisis? What urgent action do we need to take? How do we ensure workers and trade unions are at the heart of the campaign for climate justice? Why we must address the twin challenges of environmental injustice and social injustice. Why public ownership, especially for energy and transport, is critical to help address the climate emergency? How do we take on the powerful, removing the systemic incentives to burn the planet for a quick windfall? Can we do things differently through mobilizing for a global Green New Deal at COP26 that takes carbon out of the atmosphere and puts money back in workers’ pockets, while tackling injustice and inequality.

Join this panel with Roz Foyer (STUC), Jeremy Corbyn and more.

Supported by the Peace & Justice Project.

Corbyn Speaking

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