Webinar: Democratic Public Ownership

6:00pm-7:15pm 15th July 2020

Coronavirus has highlighted that Government intervention is essential to protect lives and shore up the economy. It seems big government is back. But what are the key priorities for Government intervention? How do we ensure public ownership isn’t simply a last-minute intervention in unprofitable companies but part of a forward-looking strategy to meet the needs of working people and address pressing challenges such as our social care system and increasing concentrated ownership of digital data?

This seminar will hear from leading thinkers on public and democratic ownership, including Thomas Hanna, Research Director at US-based, Democracy Collaborative; Professor Sian Moore, Director of Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU); and Mathew Lawrence, Director of the UK thinktank, Commonwealth.


  • Thomas Hanna, Democracy Collaborative, on the case for democratic public ownership

  • Professor Sian Moore, PSIRU, on social care

  • Mathew Lawrence, Commonwealth, on collective models of digital ownership

  • Lilian Macer, Scottish Convenor, UNISON Scotland (Chair)

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