Health and Safety Roving Reps Webinar

4:00pm-5:30pm 22nd June 2020

As the Scottish Government considers its timetable for easing lockdown, we know that more and more workplaces will be seeking to re-open over the next weeks and months. Unions have negotiated with Government and the enforcement bodies to secure support for roving healthy and safety reps to visit non-union recognised workplaces to work with employers and workers to undertake and monitor special COVID 19 risk assessments. This can be organised through your union, by the STUC or by Scottish Hazards in conjunction with Scottish Healthy Working Lives.

This webinar is for health and safety reps who want to hear more about the project and are considering offering their services as a Roving Rep and how this might be transferable to their sector. You will hear from people with some experience of undertaking the role along with some of the key considerations that make the roving role different form that of a rep.

To register for the event go here

Picture of healht and safety rep
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